Amazon Store in Minutes

How would you like to have a store on the internet with 1000’s of items in minutes?  It can be done easily by combining the Amazon Affiliate program and software by Associate-O-Matic. offers an amazing affiliate program where you earn up to
15% for every sale generated from your website/blog. They take care of order processing, collecting the money, and shipping the product to the customer. Commission is dependent on Amazon’s affiliate program guidelines.

The problem is it can take a lot of time and programming expertise to create a complete store from which to begin selling.

If you have a domain name and hosting, the steps are simple.

  1. Go to the Amazon Affiliate home page and sign up.
  2. Visit the Associate-O-Matic website and get the software. Use the link below.
  3. Set up your store

For more information and to download this powerful software visit them now.


If you don’t have a domain name or hosting then you will need to set that up 1st. We have domain registration and hosting simple at and you can right to our store and take the 1st step to making money on the internet.

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